Power Integration succeeds in its projects thanks to its qualified engineering teams made up of designers and engineers with proven skills. Our project managers use the most recent methods to optimize time and costs. They manage all stages of project implementation, from planning to guarantee monitoring.

Equipped with the newest tools and software that cope with the actual technical development, our engineers produce a variety of technical deliverables (review of customer specifications, project planning, realization of calculation notes, functional and organic analyzes and adjustment files, etc.)

Etude Conception et Ingénierie
Fabrication et Assemblage


Power Integration has the following manufacturing facilities:

  • 2000 m² warehouse
  • 400 m² mechanical workshops
  • 200 m² cable preparation workshop
  • 3000 m² mounting, wiring and assembling workshops
  • 1000 m² quality control area
  • And many other utilities for our employees
  • In our workshops, our technicians carry out the manufacturing and production of electrical harnesses, cutting, drilling and machining of plates and electrical boards, electrical wiring, assembly of equipment and assembly of sub-assemblies. using several tools, notably busbar machines, semi-automatic machines for cable preparation, wiring tools, etc.)


    Quality Control is essential to ensure the reliability and proper commissioning of equipment.

    Our electrotechnical, automation and Quality Control engineers realize a multitude of verification and test operations throughout the manufacturing cycle using several tools (cable pull tester, continuity tester, primary and secondary injection case , functional test consoles, etc.) in order to check the conformity of the equipment with the documentation.

    All of the equipment are systematically checked from receipt to delivery to our customers.

    Contrôle Qualité


    Equipment assembly can be carried out under our supervision.

    The assembly of the equipment is conducted according to strict procedures and in compliance with international standards in order to ensure a proper start-up of the equipment.

    Thus, we are committed to configure and program intelligent equipment so that they can operate correctly. We take into account specific conditions of use and regulatory constraints. The prior configuration of the equipment allows customers to put them into service upon receipt.

    Our engineers commits to realize several tests of the equipment supplied and connected to the loads and energy sources then proceeds to starting the units.

    Power Integration opts for a continuous improvement approach and benefits its customers through trainings. These trainings can be held in our local or at customers' on the operation and maintenance of all the equipment provided.