Medium Voltage Switchgears



Power Integration has a complete offer of medium voltage switchgears; for a rated voltage from 12kV to 40.5kV, rated currents ranging from 630A to 4000A, short-circuit withstand currents up to 50kA, and for different applications: cable feeder, transformer feeder, motor feeder, compensation batteries feeder…

Our MV switchgears are IEC 62271-200 compliant and are equipped with vacuum circuit breaker or fuse contactor. They come in simple or double busbar configuration.

Medium Voltage Switchgears
Medium Voltage Switchgears

Technical CaractéristicValue
Rated voltage (kV)121517,52433-36-38-40.5
Rated current (A)
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage (kV)2836386595
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV)759595125185
Rated short-time withstand current (kA/3s)31.5-4020-25-31.525-31.5
Rated peak withstand current (kA)82-10450-63-8063-80
Internal arc fault withstand (kA/1s)40N/A
Protection degreeIP41/IP42
Operating temperatureStandard -15°C to +40°C, up to 50°C with derating
Altitude 1000m
ColorRAL 7032 (other colors are available)